First there were years of charities without real impact…

After a lot of BBQ charities, baking cakes and even big charity events, we looked at the funds we raised and we were quite dissapointed. Small charities like selling home-made cakes, doing BBQs, etc..   But they never raised more than a couple of hundred dollars.  Big charity events with big conference rooms at nice hotels were too time consuming to plan. Also, after paying for a nice location, nice prizes and catering, all that was left for the charity was usually a very small 4 figure amount.

Non of our charity events were able to make a real impact…

But then we had the idea of a Boosted Charity!

What is a Boosted Charity? Watch!

Is it tax deductible?

Yes! At the end of the year you will receive year-end donation receipts from all the charities you donated to throughout the year.
Click here for more information on how this works.

Let’s see some examples!

Location costs:  0 $
Marketing costs: 75 $ for posters, etc..
Administrative costs: 50 $ for management, etc..

Total money raised: 600 $
Total costs: 125 $
Total amount donated: 475 $

Conclusion: Lots of fun, nice talks but no real impact

cake sale

Location costs: 12500 $ for a +500 people conference hall, catering, moderator, etc.
Marketing costs: 4000 $ for print ads, invitations, etc.
Administrative costs: 2000 $ for management, etc.

Total money raised: 25000 $
Total costs: 18500 $
Total amount donated: 6500 $

Conclusion: Quite risky to make a loss, very time consuming, medium impact.

big event

Location costs: 40 $ for webserver etc.
Marketing costs: 4000 $ for ads, influencers, etc.
Administrative costs: 500 $ for IT, management, etc.

Total money raised: 45000 $
Total costs: 4540 $
Total amount donated: 40460 $

Conclusion: A massive worldwide audience and contribution which leads to a very big impact!

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