Tax Refund for Prize Draw Participants

Technically and legally, donations made to lottery based draws, raffle tickets, bingo games etc. are NOT tax deductible. Here is a nice article about what can be deducted and what can’t.
However, we are using a completely new method which enables you to deduct almost the whole ticket!

Here is how it works:

Let’s say you buy a donation package for 50$, we use around 5$ from it for marketing expenses, administrative costs and if we don’t have any noble prize givers, we’ll buy some nice prizes with it.  So, in total around 45$ goes to charities and technically this 45$ is tax deductible. However IRS and other tax authorities in the world won’t know this and therefore will decline your tax deduction appeal.

But Boosted Charity is smarter and more innovative than others! At the end of the year we collect all the donations made by you and ask the charities to give you a “donation receipt” directly from them.
This means, that you will receive a 45$ donation receipt which is fully tax deductible and you only paid 5$ to enter a prize draw for an amazingly luxurious prize.

*The deductible amount varies as we never know how many noble prize givers we will have throughout the year. You need to donate at least 150 USD throughout the year. You need to make sure that the chosen charity is entitled to give donation receipts for your home country.

Tax Refund for Noble Prize Givers

Donating property to a non profit organization is always tax deductible, even if it is used for a prize draw. The UCON Institute will give you a donation receipt for your overwhelming generosity!

The benefits and incentives you’ll get from giving us a luxurious item if you want to do more than just make a charity donation:

With Boosted Charity, you can monetize a luxurious item very fast. For example: You bought a Rolex for 10.000 $ and over the years, the Rolex increased in value to 15.000 $. Selling the watch costs time and money, after commission, selling fees etc. you would normally be left with just 12.000 $ . But giving the watch to Boosted Charity will get you a donation receipt for the whole 15.000 $ ! So you’ll pay 15.000 $ less tax.