Elias Smith, New York City
Watch collector and Benefactor

Elias is a watch-loving benefactor who runs a property developing company in New York.
Almost every month he donates one of his valuable watches to our Boosted Charity to maximize and monetarize his donation.

His words:
“I love the idea behind Boosted Charity. I am very thankfull for what god gave me and want to show my gratefullness by helping people in need. That’s why I donated some watches from my collection. The benefits are obvious. Firstly, I can monetize my watches quickly, because selling a watch is quite time consuming and you don’t sell a luxury watch worth 16.000 $ every day. Secondly, and this is the main benefit of Boosted Charity, I can boost the amount being paid to charity, so people in need get more than I gave. If I give a luxury watch worth 16.000 $ to Boosted Charity, Boosted Charity can collect around 40.000 $ for it. This means my donation worth 16.000$ can raise donations worth more than an amazing 40.000$!

Rolex Pearlmaster 2010, worth 27.000 USD

Rolex Yachtmaster II, worth 25.000 USD

Rolex Sea-Dweller Deep Sea, worth 16.000 USD

Tobias Heinzelmann, New York City
Entrepreneur and Benefactor

Tobias is a retired successful entrepreneur.

His words:

“I don’t need to say a lot of words about myself. I donate to donate and help and not to promote myself. I like your idea as it really makes an impact. 45.000$ instead of 15.000$ is awesome. Without my Rolex GMT Master II as an incentive, the participants wouldn’t have donated at all. I am 100% convinced about that. But that’s ok.  That’s how humans work. Your idea is very smart and I wish you all the best in growing Boosted Charity!”

Rolex GMT Master II, worth 14.000 USD

United Church of the North
Inventor of Boosted Charity

We are a non-profit organization which came up with the idea of boosting donations for charities by setting up incentives to make donating attractive to a wide audience!
With this system we can boost donations by a factor of 2,3,4 or even more and make a real impact for people in need.

Show love, be awesome, be generous, be noble! Join the prize draw by donating or be a noble prize giver.

Rolex Sea-Dweller Deep Sea, worth 16.000 USD

At some point we had to start and got the first item to run a boosted charity. So we asked some awesome people for some donations to make this amazing idea happen!
Thanks to our generous givers: Helmut Souza, Nicholas Souza, Todd Williams, Helen Morris, Judy Burgess, Dennis Ropp, Rachel Guzman, Cynthia Miele, Jarrett Gonzales, Dennis & Lydia Francis, Clint Schulman, Harold James Payne.

List of Items purchased with money from running Boosted Charities

Note: We never pay the full retail price. After explaining our generous cause we get big discounts between 20% to 50%. However we are not allowed to show the exact amount paid because some luxurious items are tied to contracts to keep up the high price.

Rolex Yachtmaster 2019, worth 23.000 USD

Rolex Sky Dweller 2017, worth 24.000 USD

Rolex Daytona 2019, worth 28.000 USD

Right now, Tobias and Elias are our only benefactors providing amazing prizes to boost donations.
We hope to get more generous benefactors like them. Are you as noble and generous as them?